About Royal Image Mobile Detailing Service

My name is Dave Cox and I am the sole owner and operator of Royal Image Mobile Detailing. I am part English, hence the company name, and part Austrian and have quite a varied background, having lived in England, Germany and Switzerland. My experience started with car-washing on weekends from the age of 9 interspersed by 4 years at the University of Reading in England and at the University of Konstanz in Germany, whereupon I graduated with an Honors degree in German and Economics. I am married with 2 beautiful daughters and have 2 horses.

Serving Orange County since 1995, my purpose has always been to provide a high-quality mobile detailing service for owners of cars, boats, bikes, RVs, hot rods and show cars. This is primarily a detail-only service, although I perform a superior wash service for cars, boats and RVs if requested and I personally do all the exterior and interior detailing. The downside to being the sole operator is that the company does not expand; the upside is quality-control and personal service.