Mobile Detailing Gallery


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There are levels of quality in mobile detailing.

To clarify this, consider that concours car preparation requires a higher level of knowledge and technical skill to perfect the paint and all the other finishes than a daily driver vehicle does. Most detailing, at least that which is performed in OC, actually damages the finishes in the process through incorrect application of the tools and products.

For daily driver cars, what is minimally required to improve and protect the finishes is a clean and attractive car free from bonded airborne contamination in the paint, glass and chrome and with at least the minor imperfections (washing scratches, etc.) polished out. This would be what I would consider a "standard detail." This adds life and value to the car.

Hence wash n' wax jobs are not generally acceptable except in exceptional cases and the waxes will contain fillers that will only cover up imperfections to reappear when the wax is washed out.


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Showcars & Rods:

A show car will need to minimally have a clean and swirl-free finish with a great deal of any marring and scratching removed; for a Concours d'Elegance this will need to be as perfect from all angles as can be attained, since the judging criteria will demand just that more perfection and as close to originality as possible.

Tools to perform such tasks include special lighting, sanding papers and a sanding tool, polishers, pads and various paint prep products. Choice of cloths that contact the paint are critical to attaining a mar-free finish. This type of detailing is more time consuming due to the precision requirements.

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Boats & RV's:

These require different products because a gelcoat or LP finish is entirely different to a car's clearcoat or single-stage paint. More higher-priced RVs do have a clearcoat and in those cases treatment follows as for cars. But a gelcoat or LP finish is more porous and therefore oxidizes at a faster rate than a clearcoat and consequently products formulated for boats tend to be more aggressive than comparable ones for cars.

Often an acceptable finish can not be realized without the use of high-speed polishers, such is the aggressive power needed to remove all the oxidation. If all the oxidation is not removed then what will happen is that the final protection step will be quickly absorbed into the remaining oxidation and the boat or RV will look dull again. Hence removal of all the oxidation is important.

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Detailing bikes can be time consuming because of all the intricate parts and spaces requiring special access tools and the like. Often a bike can take as long or longer to detail as a daily driver car. The use of power tools is only used generally on the gas tank to polish the paint.

The correct selection and use of a chrome cleaner and fine-quality cloths will be important to polishing chrome without scratching it in the process.