Mobile Detailing Services

Exterior Reconditioning.

A standard exterior detail includes full decontamination of the paint, glass and chrome and paint correction/polish and paint finish steps, all trim/brightwork detailed and conditioned, wheels/wheel wells/tires. Additional steps may be indicated depending on the paint condition, which may include sanding to remove heavy defects. Often I perform a test section to see what protocol suits the vehicle which then establishes a straightforward agreement on quality and price.

Interior Reconditioning.

Interior detail includes cleaning and conditioning of all the interior surfaces and crevices: seating, plastics, carpeting and so on. I prefer the use of products which leave as small a chemical footprint as possible and try to not use petrochemical-based fragrances which supplant one odor with another. Trim detail and brushwork is part and parcel of the work. Leather is cleaned and conditioned with high-quality products such as Leatherique. Carpet and upholstery stain and odor removal can be more involved in which case it may be quoted separately.

Engine Compartment.

An optional extra, this is carried out by hand using degreasers.

Headlight Restoration.

This is a multi-step process utilizing dry and wet sanding and polishing pads.

Chassis and Undercarriage Cleaning.

Mostly for showcars where this is an important component of the overall presentation. Tools include chrome and metal cleaners, degreasers and other cleaners. Often not the most pleasant of tasks!

Bumper and minor paint repair.

This is for restoring damaged bumpers and body panels using paints computer matched to that of the car.

Paint Chip and Road Rash Repair.

A valuable option employing fast-curing paints that fill in the chips without making the car look like it has measles!

Paintless Dent Repair.

A great service to fix dings, dents and creases in metal panels and plastic bumpers..

Wheel Rim and Windshield Repair.

This service repairs the unsightly curb scrapes in rims and bulls and stars resulting from debris puncturing glass.