Mobile Detailing Reviews

Dave did an amazing job on my black Audi TT! It had gone a long time without a detail and had a lot of road rash. When he was done detailing it, I swear it looked better than it did brand new. I would highly recommend Royal Image Detailing. They are just fabulous!


~ V.M.

Tustin, Ca




Dave did a great job detailing my 2014 Lexus CT200h. He conditioned the inside of my ride leaving it looking hydrated as ever. I did my research and glad I went with Royal Image Detailing. This is a legit review. If you care about your car, have Dave work on it. He's an honest guy and I totally trust his work. He got rid of the imperfections and didn't miss not one spot.

~ M.O.

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

I called Dave last week and set an appt for early today to fully detail my SUV.  It's been about 8 months since I last had a full detail and it was definitely time...Dave, again delivered!  He was at my place for roughly 3.5 to 4 hours and did an amazing job!  His attention to detail is really what sets him apart.  Simply put, he's a good guy, he knows his craft well, his pricing is more than fair and his work is worth every penny.

~ M.Y.

Laguna Hills, CA

Wow!  I called in desperation--my infant had just vomited curdled milk all over my car.  It smelled horriffic immediately and was definitely starting to get worse within hours given the hot day.  With a sick infant to take care of at home, I really couldn't take the car anywhere to get cleaned.  I called one mobile detailing service but they couldn't get out that day.  Eventually after a few more calls I was referred to Dave.  He came out within 2 hours of being called.


I cannot begin to say enough good things about his level of service.  First off, he spent hours and hours on my car, cleaning every nook and cranny, only leaving when it got dark.  Then, he even came out the next day for a few hours to do even more detailing.  I think he spent well over 8 hours.  The level of detail was superb.  He let us know that if we started to smell any of the milk later to contact him and he would do more work and he even called to follow up.  We didn't smell anything and my car looked amazing.  Definitely the best it had looked since I bought it.


On top of all that, he's a nice and friendly guy.  I keep his card in my glove compartment because I want to make sure not to lose it.  Between one toddler and two large dogs, I know I will need his services again.

~ L.N.

Laguna Hills, CA

I have known Dave for over a decade and he does only high-qualty work. He has not only services me, but I have seen his work on some very high end cars that look utterly spectacular when he is done. If you want the very best in detailing, then I highly recommend that you obtain his services right away.

~ E.D.

Tustin, CA